2019 Updates

2019 Updates

LO$T BOYS 2019 Update


2018 was a great year for LO$T BOYS, we established a solid foundation to build off of heading into, (drum roll) 2019!! We are extremely excited for a new year and new opportunities to find ourselves through this brand and movement. And with that new year brings new products! We are adding 2 new colours of our OG dad cap, a new accessories collection, a 1:1 piece collection, and some more exclusive new runs and new pieces - we can't wait to release it all! And of course a full re-stock of our existing collections to boot. Thanks to those of you who shopped with us in 2018, we cannot wait to serve you this year! Sharing how psyched we are for this year and wishing everyone a fruitful 2019!

- Dan Koziolek

Creator/CEO of LO$T BOYS


"Our clothing has no identity until you give it one, so wear it however you want as whoever you are."

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